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Hello MayHeM Luv Makers!!!

Welcome & thank-you for allowing the Ministry of Peace LuV & MayheM to peak your interest! For those just discovering MommaLuv and her (a)VANTRONIK (m)AYHEM, you may want to visit her main site for complete album downloads and more history: There you will find Mommaluv's vintage recordings when she was a human called: iNFaRedHAze.

MommaLuV established herself in SecondLife in November 2009. Her debut at Pop Art Lab was sistered with her first SL interview on Treet Tv.  All because of a chance meeting with a magical avatar by the name of Claus Uriza. A journey that beautifully led her to many wonderful souls simply looking for a way to survive creatively and have fun.  

Pop Art Lab Debut:

Treet TV interview with the beautiful Persia Bravin:

Feel free to join her group : Ministry of Peace Luv & MayheM if you are a resident of Second Life.  If you aren't, WHAT YA WAITIN' FOR???

If you are a DJ, an aspiring musician yourself and looking for vocals to add to your own compositions, please feel free to go to ccmixter and download her vox. Please read what they entail and make sure you give MommaLuv credit. All the particulars are on her mommaluv!!!productions site here under use & abuse link.

May blessings reach you wherever you are and may life serve you well!!!

Luvz from Momma!


Entre Vous!