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Well... with all good things come the bad. It's life. That simple. So I will give bad news first:

Second Life recently lost one of their most prolific artists: Sabrinaa Nightfire. It is a great loss to our community. All those who had the privilege of knowing her, know exactly why. She was everything a great person could be: Energetic, Unselfish, Funny, Creative, Catalyst for the unknowns, BeautifuL, & Fearless. Unfortunately the universe had other plans for her and she had to give in to her long battle with breast cancer. Those who knew her, really thought she was going to beat it.  We really did and as someone put it best, "because she said so, and what ever she said she'd do- she did". That in itself sums up Sabrina aka Debbie Berman in the real world. In our virtual world she was a super hero. I met her in November of 2009 and got to see her first hand in action as she designed the stage for my first performance in-world in Second Life at Pop Art Lab with Treet Tv. She made it magical & special. She made me feel like a superstar, even though no one ever heard of me. I was totally clueless and she pointed me in directions and even gave me a wardrobe to last me a lifetime, along with her beautiful flowers. Those virtual flowers and clothes encouraged me to begin my own builds and venture beyond my music.

As our friendship progressed, she included me on a several of her projects and made sure others did too & occasionally asked me what I thought and would keep reminding me that she was waiting for me to send her my real life drawings and she would launch a great art opening for me. I dropped that ball as I was focused on my music and builds that were for my performances only. With that being said, she made people know me by her adorable grace that she possessed and made sure of it. With that grace people automatically friended me. I guess mostly because they felt is she was loving  me they should too. I know I felt that way when she introduced me to others. One could not help feel that love she gave so freely.          

The avatar:

  •  sabrinna.jpg

the woman behind the avatar:

  • deb.jpg

Her legacy in brief:

  • PAL-logo-SLCN1.JPG

The beginning of our friendship:

  • MommaLuv_Pop_Art_Lab_21st_Nov._09_.JPG

Our Friendship:

  • Min_avatar_heter_Apmel_-_Mommaluv_saves_my_Soul_-_014.png


Incidentally, as things got busy for me and she got more sick(something I did not know until this past November, by which she told me she was in remission), we spoke less. Even when I im'd her & she didnt respond I just figured she was too busy for me. Looking back I wish I didn't think that way. I wish I inquired why I didn't hear from her. Never crossed my mind that she was sick again. Incidentally, last week, I put out my pix at my home in SL and looked at them saying to myself ---hmmm, does Sabrinaa really think these are worth showing???? I primped them up with frames and arranged them. Took them back in a few times afraid someone was going to see them, then reminded myself of all of her own accomplishments and those she encouraged and went through memories of our own conversations and her promotion of my music. Finalizing that if Sab said they were good they must be. You cannot imagine my shock when I opened an email from our dear friend, Claus Uriza, who by the way was partner in crime with Sabrinaa at my launching as a full time artist in Second Life. The High Priest & Preistess of Magic and doing the unimaginable. The sorrow, the regret of not acting on impulse all those times I wanted to im her but didnt want to bother her, the anticipation I would have waiting for one of her funny emails on my various sites letting me know she was thinking about me too. Her presents of flowers and clothes, and even better her invites to the great events she was part of especially those she would have me perform for. There are a handful of people that I have met on SL that extend themselves so freely and ask nothing in return. She was the one leading that list. Every friend I made on SL had to live up to her and Claus and several others. For without her & them, I would not be enjoying the perks of Second Life the way that I do. Nor would I have seen things in the magical futuristic way they do. 

Second Life lost a virtual super hero, the real world lost a wonder women. I hope whereever you are Sab- that are are looking down on us and still chanting - go for it! you CAN do it! and we hear you! I also hope that her family finds the peace they need to know she's smiling down on them too. My guess is this - wherever she is - she is rearranging and splashing color everywhere and brightening up some bored souls somewhere to make their existence better by overloading them with flowers, chain mail, and vapor textures.lol. Much Love my spiritual sister! One thing is for sure - you were made eternal the day you made your avatar and hopefully millineums from now people will see your legacy. xo

Things going on M.o.M world look pale in comparison now after that, so here it goes:

Giana Project entry:



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Also my new approach to my inworld life is gorilla tweeting and fb'ing.lol. So no reason why people shouldnt be coming to shows or listening in:

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With that all being said &  to paraphrase my own words:

Take the time to take the time to take the time....cause we never know when the wind will change direction...Look someone in the eye...even if you gonna tell a lie and say hello.


Long live our own individual Peace, Luv, & MayheM!!!!


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