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Get Some Luv!

:) Incoming !!!!! is the last day of the rest of our lives ;P


with that being said and the holidays taking precedent, I'm grouping the last few weeks shows here on one page....xo

I hope every one has a good incoming and remember dont over do it and keep the faith! xoxo


End of the Year Shows Showcase

  1. NAG Christmas Party
  2. Reis's Rezday Party
  3. Feed A Smile
  4. Slum Rock Xmas Party
  5. 5 Point
  6. Secondnights Art Foundation



Thanks so much to all the venues and M.o.M and their posse's!!!


See You Next Year!!!

MommaLuv is officially 45!!! woot! 5 more years to go... 

before I am a grown up!!! ;P in the meantime...


one more show under her pixel vortex-- or would that be in? hmmmm....philosophers???


anyways...Shivers has reopened and M.o.M gracaed the stage with Mania, subsonic, M.o.M Anakin, and a bunch of others. If you couldnt make it, b ut wanna here it or just leave a comment and hear how bad momma speaks french, go here>>>> Shivers RE-Opening 11.11.19


Thank-you!!! countdown begins for Momma to be a quarter of century! xoxoxox


oh yeah!! gotta thank Momma'z…

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Hermosa! A&M MoCap EVent!!! 

M.o.M @Live shows available now for The Pop Art Exhibit @ Hermosa Art Center and yesterday's show @ A&M mocap dance shop!!!

Thank-you to Soundsmith @ Hermosa! & Sexy & Jariah @ A&M Mocap SHop in SL!!!

All i can say is awesome people everywhere! hugsssss from Momma!

check em' out!

Happy Monday!!! 

Ola! MayheM Luv Makers!!!



M.o.M has revamped Mommaluv site !!! New addition all live shows will be available post performance for those who cant always make the show. Feel free to use them in your videos or other productions you wish. Just remember give Momma proper credit and let her know so she can see.


Latest live addition is 11.11.11 @ Brews & bLues. Thanks to Gail for making it an awesome event!!


& Welcome New M.o.M : KBeto!!! hugs!








Alright Mayhem Luv Makers!!!

Wonderful news! Our great friend, Ormand Lionheart was the winner @ POP ART LABS GIANA PROJECT VIDEO CONTEST!!!! simple awesome! A well desereved feat too! CONGRATS!!!!

Winning video here:

A little about the band represented here:


and more:

and even more!

Thank-you to everyone who made…

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Feb & March Mewz.... 

Well... with all good things come the bad. It's life. That simple. So I will give bad news first:

Second Life recently lost one of their most prolific artists: Sabrinaa Nightfire. It is a great loss to our community. All those who had the privilege of knowing her, know exactly why. She was everything a great person could be: Energetic, Unselfish, Funny, Creative, Catalyst for the unknowns, BeautifuL, & Fearless. Unfortunately the universe had other plans for her and she had to give in to her long battle…

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!!!JuLy Mayhem!!! 

Ola!!! & Welcome!!!


Nice month for myself...Did the 7th SecondLife Birthday Bash and want to thank all those who showed Support!!!

 SecondLiFe 7th Birthday Bash



And Nice interview @ Cisum Webzine:


MommaLuv SKyTower @ Cisum Webzine 

LuvShack Stage Redesigned! 

Hello LuvLies!


MommaLuv has redesigned her performance area...Within the next few weeks some new things will be taking place. Sooo.... if you would like to perform or know someone who would....make sure to drop a notecard inworld to Debutante Rhapsody.


Feel free to stop by & visit!


Luvz from Momma!