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THE rules: 

MommaLuv'z (a)VANTRONIK (m)AYHEM mews can be used where ever, when ever, and how ever, as long as, proper recognition given- whether you're a lover or a hater - creative commons can help understand what that means. If you want to establish a license for your own work, click here  It is expected though to "spread & share the wealth" should your humble efforts rake in millions of dollars then the iconic parable "treat your neighbor as you would want yourself treated blah-blah-blah" should extended. 

(!!!very important!!!) :

Attribution(s) should by all means & most definitely appear where iNFaReDHaze or MommaLuv graces the musical, visual, or lyrical world (virtual or real) &  appear as such:

c/o iNFaReDHaZe's or MommaLuv 

[c] 2004 mommaluv productions llc

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