1. Spotlight
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♁☩Mausolée ConsortiuM PROJECT☩♁

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in a spotlight in my mind i sit & i shine i dont care if its all only in my mind its what i do most of thetime i dont care what you say i wont hear you anyway for there are stars in my eye that make this spotlight shine that blinds me when i compromise and theres 13 stars around my shrine that let me know ill be fine ill be fine in this spotlight in my mind yeah its just a matter of time before i take a walk from this spotlight in my mind into a unviverse that has no time and there i will shine just like this spotlight in my mind i will shine yeah i will shine with these stars around my shrine and i know you wish you were me cause i have seen try to catch the tail of my star hanging just a little too low yeah i heard YOU sneakin around in the sky to noght so wish you may with all your might on the last star that youll see tonight as i wish upon my own star where i take flight in the spotlight shining in my mind wish i may wish i might as i wish upon this star that youll never find even on a clear night cause i ve seen you there gazing with a familiar stare that tells me you wish you were here it tells me it tells me it tells no many how many times you pass by youll just be a figment of my imagination and i wont lose my concentration in this spotlight shining in my mind yeah youll be there but only in the corner of my mind cause as you know there's spotlight in my eye.... until the day i day